The Worst 5 Gadgets: #5 Aliph Jawbone

Good times
  • Meh ... none yet, but that might be my fault
Bad times
  • The snazzy noise suppression tech relies on fitting the device in a certain way ... and I can't make it fit my head that way
What I should have bought
  • There is an argument that says no self respecting person buys a bluetooth headset anyway, so maybe the answer here is that I should have gone with the wired mike that comes with most phones
I can't even remember why I was in the market for a bluetooth headset. I was living in London at the time and not really driving. So after reading a bucket load of rave reviews about it, I bought the Jawbone.

The Jawbone uses a very snazzy noise cancellation technique that uses the vibration of your face to sense what it should be picking up and lets it through and rejects the surrounding noise. That's great. But for the life of me I cannot make it fit my head in a away that the thing fits in my ear and contacts my skin in the way that is needed. The Jawbone comes with a selection of ear support doodads and inner-ear rubber thingos, but I just can't make it work.

I am sure that this is down either to my stupidity, laziness, or the odd shape of by head. Nevertheless, I bought this thing and it now sits in a storage box somewhere around my home. And for that reason, it is - to my reckoning - a bad gadget.

The best five gadgets
  1. iPhone 4 smartphone
  2. Sagem PVR6240T PVR (as buggy as it is ...)
  3. Logitech diNovo Mini miniature QWERTY keyboard
  4. Logitech X-230 speakers
  5. Lacie iamaKey USB memory key
The worst five gadgets
  1. One For All URC-9900 Director (Mosaic) universal remote control
  2. Nokia N800 internet tablet
  3. Sony Playstation 3 (slim) games console
  4. Asus EeeBox PC EB1501 nettop
  5. Aliph Jawbone bluetooth headset