The Best 5 Gadgets: #4 Logitech X-230 speakers

Good times
  • Very cheap
  • Crank out a sound much larger than their price suggests 
Bad times
  • There is no getting around this ... they are ugly
  • They produce a lot of quite woolly bass ... I say from experience they are not apartment friendly
  • The satellites get quite 'scream-ey' at the higher end of their volume range
I also considered
  • Some kind of PC speakers from Bose ... at around 10x the price of the X-230s
I am sure I bought the X-230s when I thought I needed a pair of speakers and did not. I was probably sucked in by Computer Shopper magazine in the UK who not only rate them a best buy, but have done for around two years now. 

Anyway, I am glad I got sucked in because these babies offer tremendous bank for the buck. I bought them at around £25 - delivered - and they have filled more than one of my homes with full-bodied sound. A little too full-bodied, it turns out - the bass from these units will permeate walls so if you are living in an apartment be sure not to annoy your neighbours as even at the lowest setting on the woofer they crank out a lot of low end.

Which is not to say the X-230s are particularly loud, in terms of pure volume. In fact, push it and the satellites get very screechy. No ... better just to wind it back a little and enjoy a full sound that is quite well integrated.

While beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, to mine they look pig ugly. The dual drivers and the cloth frontage on the satellites are the opposite of style. It is un-style ... and not in a kitchy way.

I have bought two sets of X-230s. After hearing mine, three other people I know have picked up a pair and none have been disappointed.

The best five gadgets
  1. iPhone 4 smartphone
  2. Sagem PVR6240T PVR (as buggy as it is ...)
  3. Logitech diNovo Mini miniature QWERTY keyboard
  4. Logitech X-230 speakers
  5. Lacie iamaKey USB memory key
The worst five gadgets
  1. One For All URC-9900 Director (Mosaic) universal remote control
  2. Nokia N800 internet tablet
  3. Sony Playstation 3 (slim) games console
  4. Asus EeeBox PC EB1501 nettop
  5. Aliph Jawbone bluetooth headset