The Best 5 Gadgets: #2 Sagem PVR6240T

Good times
  • Introduced me to the world of timeshifting ... and that world was good
  • Quite cheap
  • Fairly simple to use
Bad times
  • Not exactly what I would call reliable ... but in a buggy way, not in a hardware failure way (still ... buyer beware)
  • Does not account for daylight savings changes
  • Small-ish hard disk
I also considered
  • Nothing I can remember ... the price lured me in at a time when I was not really looking for a PVR
Sometime, even a fairly average gadget can force its way into the centre of your life. For me, this is exactly what the PVR6240T did.

Let's be clear - I cannot recommend purchasing this device. The software is way buggier than any commercial product should be allowed to get away with. It rebooted randomly, it crashed and sometimes it did not record what it was supposed to record. It did not account for changes in daylight savings time, resulting in the missing of beloved TV shows and the small HDD did not go a long way. I loved it anyway.

How can this be? It introduced me to the world of TV timeshifting. I'd go to work overseas for the week and return home to hours of my favourite shows to knock off over the weekend. If the phone rang, I would simply pause the 'live' telecast (up to 30 minutes worth). If I missed something during a show, I would simply rewind up to half an hour back and catch what I had missed. What revelation.

The PVR6240T was fairly simple to use, but I put that down to its reasonably elementary feature set. For instance, there was no series record function and there was no search-TV-show-by-name feature. But it did have a seven day program guide and combined with recurring record schedules (daily / weekly) this was more than enough for me.

I brought the PVR6240T back home to Oz from the UK where I bought it and I bought a PS3 with PlayTV anyway. I do not know why - even with SD-only recording I should have given the PVR6240T a chance to work its way back into my life. Instead, I lived to regret buying the Sony ...

The best five gadgets
  1. iPhone 4 smartphone
  2. Sagem PVR6240T PVR (as buggy as it is ...)
  3. Logitech diNovo Mini miniature QWERTY keyboard
  4. Logitech X-230 speakers
  5. Lacie iamaKey USB memory key
The worst five gadgets
  1. One For All URC-9900 Director (Mosaic) universal remote control
  2. Nokia N800 internet tablet
  3. Sony Playstation 3 (slim) games console
  4. Asus EeeBox PC EB1501 nettop
  5. Aliph Jawbone bluetooth headset