What life looks like when you are typing with one hand

The last article I wrote got a bit of attention. Some people disagreed with what I said. Other people identified with the article. Some even had a laugh. This is the way of things - I think it is great.

Then again, there was one web site with a link to my article on it where, almost to a person, those leaving their comments on this particular web site were less enamoured with me than I have come to expect (tongue firmly in cheek).

'He didn't reach very far into the bag for those, eh?' one said of me.

'The first two, maybe the third also, is inspired by Hitchhiker's Guide. As a continent, the place should be large. Twelve whole Nobel Prize winners? My college had that many, I think. jamesboston's (sic) certainly has more at any one time.'. Hmmm ...

'Reads like a partial synopsis of Bill Bryson's In a Sunburned Country.'. I must admit, I own this book (it is called Down Under in the UK). But I have not read it yet ... though I plan to soon. What can I say, I like Bill's books.

'The only thing there I didn't know was that tid-bits has a hyphen.' and 'Boring' round off a less than positive view on yours truly.

Nevertheless, I would like to thank the Adult DVD Talk forum for their interest in my humble blog. May you find much happiness doing ... what ever it is you do when you are on the Adult DVD Talk forum site.

I would verify these comments by linking to the Adult DVD Talk forum ... but that is not my thing. You will just have to trust me., , , ,