Where is my free (blogging) lunch?

Almost every article I have read about blogging says that anyone serious about blogging should not use Blogger. It does not look professional, they say. You do not own your domain, they say. What happens if your provider packs it up and calls it a day, they say.

Some of these points are more valid than others.

So why do I use Blogger?

One, I am a tight wad.

Two, I believe that blogging is a tool of expression and having to hire designers to design a blog and pay providers to host the blog is just getting in the way.

Three, I am a tight wad.

Four, I run another site that gets a quarter of its traffic from fellow blogspoters. A compelling amount.

Five, I quite like how all of the adjustments to be made to the presentation of a Blogger blog page is made in one spot. I could not get my mind around how TypePad do it - header this, footer that - all in different spots. Blogger's approach looks just like a web page, which doesn't work for everyone, but it works for me.

Six, the free space Blogger offers allows me an unlimited number of blogs. Nice one.

Seven, hosting a blog means more maintenance. PHP, comment spam, extensions ... I am a technical guy, but isn't a blog meant to be about the writing of ideas instead of PHP-this and anti-spam-that?

Eight, there are many successful websites using the blogspot domain. Anybody heard of PostSecret?

Nine, search engines and bookmarking makes the UI issues of ugly URLs far less relevant than they were even three years ago. Less marketable? Maybe. But only in a yesterday's-media kind of way.

And ten, oh yes, I am a tight wad.
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