Top of the wishlist: Nokia 770.

Is there and better gadget doing the rounds than the Nokia 770?

In a home with always-on wireless internet, having the 800x480 screen and wireless capabilities (802.11g - the faster and more secure of the current standards) that the 770 has on offer sounds to good to be true.

And at the moment, it may be. Almost all reviews of this product state that it is a little too slow and a little too buggy. This may the only reason I haven't reached deep, deep into my own pockets to buy one.

Hopefully, Nokia hurry up and sort it out. I spend a lot of time accessing the internet around the house and even a Palm 480 by 360 screen is not ideal for surfing the web beyong picking up email and a small number of handheld optimised sites.

Besides, I am getting tired of lugging my 15" laptop into the toilet with me., , , , , , , , ,