Steve Jobs screwed me over ...

... though I am sure he did not mean it personally (Hi, Steve)

The Apple MacBook Pro has comes out and I am a bit miffed.

I was eyeing off the iBook 12". At £699 the price is pretty good. It is a great form factor and has the kind of hard drive protection found in most IBM laptops.

But most of all, I was looking forward to doing things the Mac way. Good-bye to the Wintel routine of anti-virus, anti-spam, defrag, anti-spyware and re-installing every twelve months because - heaven forbid - I like to install programs to try now and again and then uninstall them.

But the MacBook Pro has just come out and at £1,429 pounds, it is just a little rich for my blood.

I am sure it is worth it. I mean, I could do without the dual-Intel setup, but the built in iSight I totally dig. And the iLife '06 suite looks very nice.

Oh well. Maybe I will get myself a Mac mini to tide me over. That is, until - please, Steve, say it is so! - Apple bring out the MacBook. Period. Hopefully, in their wisdom, Apple will price this non-Pro-baby-of-my-imagination around the £899 mark.

Come on, Steve. You can do it., , , , , , , , , , , , , ,