My Yahoo: The beta can't become a release soon enough

My Yahoo and Yahoo Mail is great. It really is. But Yahoo can't turn the beta into a release candidate soon enough.

Outside of Yahoo, there is no other place where you can get the combination of email, organisational - like calendars and task - and collaboration tools in a reasonably unified form from a big name player.

The ability to add and delete disposable email addresses is a godsend, allowing anyone to register with many sites using many different email addresses that all collate to the same Yahoo Mail address. As soon as you get spam from a service provider you have signed up to, you can delete the disposable email address.

Email attachments can be saved to the Yahoo Photos or Briefcase areas. The only failing of this feature is that he allocated storage is only about 30Mb - not even close to acceptable in 2006.

In the other major camp, Gmail's use of the conversation motif to track email flow is great, but the address book is minimal and there are no organisational tools yet. While it has spam filters, it does not have disposable email addresses. The 2Gb Gmail offer is great, but the 1Gb Yahoo offer is enough. Yahoo integrates many of its services in a more comprehensive manner than Google. Google search is unmatched. GMail is clever and modern, if incomplete. But Yahoo has it all over Google when assessed as a user portal.

So what is the problem with Yahoo that has many banging at the gates of the beta release?

1) Yahoo Mail is clunky. Yahoo is slow. Yahoo can be quite disjointed. Yahoo is not fluent to use. Utilising some Web 2.0 technology (can anyone say AJAX?) should address this.

2) Yahoo Mail does not support tagging of emails. GMail does this very well. Tagging seems to be a Web 2.0 phenomena. Yahoo Mail has been around for some time now, predating Web 2.0 by a couple of year, so this is no surprise.

3) Yahoo Briefcase and Photos must - and this is very important - expand on the 30 Mb currently available. I think 100 Mb is the absolute minimum.

4) The Gmail conversation paradigm for tracking the flow of emails is very clever. If it is not patented, Yahoo should implement it.

Now, much of this may well be already encorporated in the Yahoo Mail beta. But only .com Yahoo mail accounts are able to request the beta. If your email address ends in or, for instance, bad luck. You read that as 'Bad luck to me, then'.

No application is better placed to fulfill the web-based application than web-based email. We were introduced to it by Hotmail many moons ago and the technology now exists to make it the application we don't need to find a home for on our PC.

Hopefully, Yahoo reward the faithful. Soon., , , , , ,