In the land blind, the one eyed man is king

I was watching a TV show the other night about how dirty toilets can be. How far urine and excrement can fly around your bathroom (and it seems that it does not matter whether you have the seat up or down when you flush - it comes out the sides).

You might me thinking that I really should not watch these things. That I have enough problems as it is.

My thought is that I already know what they are trying to tell us - that really disgusting stuff gets into really disgusting places. What can you do, other than minimise your exposure (though, I realise that the lengths I am prepared to go to are a little OTT).

The show also pointed out that slipping over in the bathroom is far more likely to cause you problems than brushing your teeth with a toothbrush full of excrement. I knew this, too. Doesn't mean this little black duck will stop using his toothbrush cover in the bathroom.
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