The good, the bad and the just plain bad

Sometimes, gadget buying can be risky. You read the reviews, you do your research. But you still end up buying the odd dud. I think the One For All Mosaic (Model URC-9990) qualifies as one of those.

A universal remote control, I read all the reviews and some people liked them. Some people compalined about the size. Others complained about the battery life. Some remarked that the gold finish was, well, just a little garish.

But some others said that they really loved it. It's macro capabilities were strong (which mean you do stuff like turn on the TV, DVD player and amplifier with one touch by allocating the correct sequence of commands to a button. Best of all, the people that loved it, loved it at its full price, which was $300 USD.So when I saw it at Richer Sounds in the UK at 40 quid I figured I would be crazy not to jump on it.

Well, having owned it for a while now I can tell you that I am with the first camp: too big, too heavy, too heavy on batteries and, in all it's gold finish fury, ugly. I found some other reviews here. Take a look. Form your own opinion.

As always, caveat emptor., , , , ,