Fat boy

The holiday season has come and gone and my belly has come and come. Jumped on the scales at the gym after a fairly short break. With my gym gear on, 88.5 kgs was the terrible tale. My weight lately had been about 85 kgs in gym clothes. 83 would be nice.

So no need for anything drastic, but I will have to get back to the four-day-a-week gym thing. If that doesn't work on its own, I will start calorie counting. I hate doing it, but if I stay under about 10,500 kilojoules a day and go to the gym regularly I tend to lose weight.

Now, I know that everyone has their opinion on how to lose weight. So they should. People are very individual and what works for one may not work for the next.

Personally, the only diets I can't stand are those that seem to go against human nature. Like eating protein only. Or not mixing protein and carbs. Or detox diets. These go against what we have been doing with our bodies for centuries. Things that have worked for centuries.

OK, I am back off the high horse. I will weigh in on Mon next week and see if we I have made any progress.
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