Don't help people who do the wrong thing by you

I mention Problogger from time to time as it is an informative and interesting site. Besides, my home town of Melbourne is where Darren Rowse, who is Problogger, is based.

Today, I think he may have made an error in judgment.

Darren has written an article concerning a blog - which I will not name here, nor link to as I am not eager to add to the body of publicity toward it - that he believes has breached copyright in too-closely copying his site. Read his article. Form your own opinion.

What has caught my attention is that in expressing his thoughts about the site, Darren has boosted the site-in-question's public profile and, in turn, the number of people viewing the site (as have a couple of sites who have voiced also their disapproval).

The result? The site-in-question's visits (when I checked) had gone from an average of five per day, to 108 in the last hour. Page views had gone from 13 per day to 277 in the last hour and over 1,000 in a day.

Getting a birth on Problogger is quite a coup for any blogger. In his eagerness to voice his disapproval, Darren may have given site-in-question the kind of exposure he'd rather they not have., , ,