Budding or butting

You know, now that I am looking for this sort of thing (see my previous rant here) I can't stop seeing.

I am a regular Palm Addict reader. Check out this extract from one Palm Addict article:

"Being a butting reporter has it's difficulties and its challenges. "

I guess he means budding. Again, everyone makes mistakes. Sammy makes them all the time because he often posts from his PDA. I can turn a blind eye to that (as I did in this instance: it's vs its). But I think this is more than a typo. And it is just odd to find this error in this context (ie, reporters should know better).

I am tempted to do a weekly regular called word-watch where I identify not any old error, just the bad ones. I'll give it a run next week., , , , , , , , ,