The 28 day belly reduction plan

OK. It is time to get serious.

Last time, I said that I was 88.5 kgs and not happy about. My average weight over the last couple of years has been about 85 kgs and my playing weight is 83.5 kgs. (All of these weights are taken in gym gear, including quite heavy track-suit pants)

The last time I was concerned about the impending girth of my belly, I put myself on a fairly strict regimen. Specifically, there were certain rules I had to follow. The details of these rules can be seen here, but in short:

1) Don't eat after 7:30pm

2) 45 mins exercise (walking will do) 5 days / wk: I have upped this from the previous 30 mins

3) Forbidden foods limit: At this stage, I can have one forbidden item (cheese, chocolate, nuts) once per week. Not one of each.

4, 5 & 6) Energy requirements (10,500 Kjs), Fat requirements (35 g) , Protein requirements (75 g) per day

7) Nothing in pantry > 10% fat

8) One meal / wk not counted: This replace the eat out once a fortnight rule. When applied, I will assume the day kj, fat and protein intakes is the max allowed

9) Weights 3-4 days / wk: Weight training is now required. I did it previously, but now it is a rule. I usually go 4 times a week.

10) Don't read scales: This is the best rule of all. The last time I read the scales I was 4kgs heavier than I am now.

I kept a record of my progress here. The result were fantastic. I lost 4.4kgs in 28 days. This time, as last time, I will aim for 4 kgs in 28 days (1 kg er week). I will summarise my results here on weekly basis.

The catch is this: the last time I did this I worked for myself from home. This made fitting in the routine fairly easy. This time, I am almost one hour's transit from home. I think the 7:30 limit will be almost impossible to maintain.

Where there is a will, ay?
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