What is coming

From Paul and Mel's UK:

I really like the idea of podcasting. For those that do not know, it is recording voice, or music, or whatever to an MP3 (or other type of small sound file) for distribution over the internet.

Sounds simple, but it is really powerful. Just as blogs opened the internet as a distribution means for the written word to all of those not previously technically able to do so, podcasting opens up the airwaves (metaphorically) for those not able to buy a radio licence (ouch!), or put together a big studio.

Actually, what amazes me is how slow - again - the big players are in this area. For example, FOX FM podcast. But instead of podcasting, say, the Top 40 countdown and sprinkling a few adds around (I am not adverse to the making of money, you realise) they have reruns of Mat Tilley and that other bird from Bread. Crud.

I do not know why they do not use this medium as another - almost free - distribution channel for their music, their message and, yes, advertisments. Perhaps I have missed something back home, but don;t be surprised if you find some old has-been radio presenters using this medium as a way to get their voice back into the public arena.

So what is the point? I am waiting for a particular gadget (a very spesh USB microphone) to arrive at my fave music store. When it arrives, I shall duly purchase it begin podcasting.

Many of you know how loud my voice is, but soon you will be able to hear it from the other ide of the world
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