The view is free. Kind of.

From Paul and Mel's UK:

You may or may not have heard me going on about the crap on TV in the UK. I have never been a fan of British TV. Only Fools and Horses ... The Bill ... Coronation Street ... this is not must see TV. But that was then.

And this is now, and now is spelt F.R.E.E.V.I.E.W. Freeview is the moniker given to digital TV here. I have picked up a set-top box with a built in hard-disk recorder (don't worry: it was on the cheap).

What does this mean? 30 extra channels, dual tuners (watch one, tape one ... clever ...) and the easiest way to record in the business to take advantage of all this beauty - EPG (Electronic Program Guide).

So now our big problem is to fit all of this new viewing in. Tonight, a poor TV night, we have watched TV solidly after work and have taped enough TV for another evening's viewing.

Just in time for the long, dark, impending winter.
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