Mission control

From Paul and Mel's UK:

You know me... a man who has got to have a project ...

So this is mission control. I create blogs here. I try to write the odd piece of music here. I web-cam fom here. And I will create my podcasts here. I am just short two items - a set of reasonable quality headphones and my much anticipated semi-pro-quality-but-dirt-cheap USB mic.

But what I do have is two monitors running in extended desktop configuration (we should all work this way), a pair of powered monitor speakers I would never be able to afford in Oz (combination of a greatly discounted price here and the power of the pound) a mini-controller keyboard (very Ross from Friends) and a so-so web cam.

The only thing I am missing is my guitar. The guy at checkin would not let me take it on the plane (which I cursed because I saw two people on my second leg flight with guitars) and I already had 29 kgs checked in (I showed a lot of leg). So if anyone from our group knows anyone with a spare 5 kgs check in luggage allowance who is happy to bring it over, say in exchange for an airport pick-up, let me know.

In the mean time, enjoy the gadgetdome.
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