Hi all

Having an opinion on everything makes things tough. For instance, if you have an outrageously successful blog - like Paul and Mel's UK - how do you limit your blog entries to the narrow confines of '... hoping to keep you informed about our travels, work, and life away from home'? The answer, it seems, is that you do not. Though you should.

Thus, a spin-off blog is born. Great Southern Lad is a catchall for everything that falls outside the domain of Paul and Mel's UK. You should expect to see thoughts on:
  • Gadgets, technology and anything else I wished I could buy;
  • Germs (and germaphobia ... I think I might have issues);
  • Plenty of judgement statements (what use is an opinion unless it is under-informed and shot from the lip), and;
  • More general whining about misuse of the English language, lack of etiquette, or anything else that comes under the wide umbrella of things that get under my skin
On other matters, I am a beancounter-come-computer-geek by day and would-be-muso, would-be-programmer, would-be-writer by night. I really should have called this site 'Would-be' (the name was taken and is being wasted here).

I call Australia home, but home is in the UK for the forseeable future.

Oh, and I believe (tongue-in-cheek, of course) that salami and cheese produces large offspring. I also can eat a lot of cheese. I love the stuff.
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